10 Newborn Picture Ideas with Siblings

Taking family newborn pictures can be stressful. If you have some experience taking pictures of a newborn baby you’d know the struggle. Taking good newborn pictures was already difficult, now combine that with a toddler.

For most photographers, getting kids ready for a photo shoot can seem impossible. Even if you do get the babies to calm down it can be hard to come up with some cute picture ideas.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to take newborn pictures with siblings. Including, preparing for the photo shoot, some safety tips and taking the actual photo.

Preparing for Baby Photo shoot with Siblings

Before you pick up that camera you should first prepare the kids for the shot. We’d all love to have model children who can pose on demand, unfortunately getting them to sit in one place can be tough. That’s why you should take the following steps to ensure a stress-free photo shoot.

1. Meet the Family Before the Photo shoot

Getting to know the family including the children can make things simple. Booking a maternity session will allow you to get a feel of what the family is like and discuss your photography process with them. This will put them in ease and get some chemistry going between you and the newborn’s siblings.

If you tend to get along with the kids alright they may be excited to see you again. This might get them to listen to you and behave we for the picture.

2. Be Patient with the Children

When setting up our photo session we want everything to go smoothly. But keep in mind that these are kids, and kids live in their own world. They’ll do things that drive you crazy, not listen to you, and might not be interested to get their photos taken in the first place.

Advise the parents to be patient during the photo shoot. Don’t force the children to smile, behave or play with their sibling. Let things flow naturally and time your photos when those precious angelic eyes are in frame.

3. Bribe Them for Good Behavior

We all love a little incentive for doing things. You can bribe the bigger brother or sister to behave by offering them their favorite sweets or toys. Some parents promise their kids a trip to the ice cream parlor if they get their photos done. Newborn pictures with siblings can be a lot easier if you have something to bribe the children.

Before bringing any sweets or toys, make sure the parents are okay with it. Some parents might prefer organic treats over sweets and others may dislike bribing their children to behave. Make sure to discuss with the parents and plan accordingly

10 Creative Ideas for Newborn Pictures with Siblings

Once you’ve prepared the space for your photo session, it’s time to begin! Here are some creative ideas you can try to take beautiful sibling newborn pictures.

1. Dress them Up in Matching Outfits

newborn picture with sibling in matching outfit

The idea of being ‘twinsies’ appeals to many toddlers. A classic way of dressing up a newborn and their siblings for a picture is to make them wear same colored outfits. Make sure to use solid plain colors rather than clothes with large logos, pictures or other illustrations on it.

For girls you can be a bit more creative and go for tulle dresses, or skirts with flowers on them. Most newborns look alright in any fabric the important thing is matching the color. So, if big sister is wearing her pink princess dress the newborn can be wrapped in a soft pink blanket.

2. Add a Few Props in the Mix

big sister holding stuffed toy for newborn baby photo

Adding some toys, hats or other props can really express the kids’ creative side and help catch some emotion. I’ve seen having a small stuffed toy or an instrument like a ukulele can really uplift the shot. Other wearable props such as a cowboy hat or a flower headband can also add some pizzaz to the picture.

3. Take a Simple Crib Shot

bigger sister looking at newborn baby in crib photoshoot

Sometimes the perfect photo is right under our noses but we fail to see because we want to make everything “grand.” When it comes to newborn pictures with an older sibling a simple photo may be superior.

Have the newborn lay in their crib and encourage the older brother or sister to play with them. Nothing fancy is needed, just instruct them to act natural and take the shot. By removing distractions from the environment the focus shifts to the most important piece in the photo, the children.

4. Place the Newborn on a Basket

newborn baby picture with basket

If you have a basket at hand you can use it to take the cutest baby pictures. Grab a basket or a bucket and lay some soft firm material in, like a pillow. Then throw on a sheet and place the newborn on it. Using a basket can enable you to get creative as you can decorate the basket for a nicer vibe.

Get their cute little troublemaking sibling and tell them to sit with them. Most toddlers would be intrigued by their newborn brother or sister sitting in a basket. They may meddle around with it, so make sure you tag in the parents to keep an eye on them. Parents shouldn’t be in the frame, but if they are you can crop them out of the picture afterwards using a tool like BunnyPic.

5. Lie them Down on a Beanbag

newborn baby lying on beanbag

Beanbags are soft squishy cushions that can be used to place the newborn baby. Photos on beanbags are great as they add some height to the kids while keeping the photo simple. You can also make the toddler sit on the beanbag and make them hold their baby brother or sister.

Usually you would need to bring a beanbag to the session. Most common households won’t have a beanbag so make sure to bring your own to avoid any unnecessary delays.

6. Close up on Certain Body Parts

newborn baby lying with sibling close up shot of feet

It’s no secret that there are specific things about our children that just makes us want to gobble them up. Whether it’s their cute feet and adorable toes or their tiny little hands. Closing up the shot on a specific feature can make it subtle yet touching.

There are many ways you can take this idea forward. You can take a close-up photo of the siblings’ hands, lay them down and take a picture of their feet or zoom into their faces and have them pressing their heads together.

7. Lay them on Their Back

newborn lying with teenage sister on bed

Siblings can be a lot friendly if you give them the freedom to do so. You can wrap the newborn child and lay them on their back on the floor. Then call in the older brother or sister and instruct them to lie with them, cuddle or touch their heads together.

These photos can be precious and show a bond between the two, three or even four. Also, the simplicity of this photo makes it easy to manage and is a good alternative to buying various props.

8. Involve Mum and Dad!

family newborn photo with sibling

Everyone wants to see the little bundles of joy but you shouldn’t fear adding the lucky couple in the shoot as well. Family newborn pictures like these can be beautiful and make the frame look complete. As a bonus, the children may behave better and be safer with their parents around.

9. Get the Older Sibling to Hold the Baby

toddler happily hugging newborn baby

Many toddlers are confident enough to hold their baby sibling. Hand the newborn baby to the bigger child and let them hold them. It’s best that you don’t do this type of shot with the sibling standing. It can be unsafe and the sibling may drop the baby from a height.

When taking this shot make sure to sit the kids down on a soft cushion or a chair. If you’re taking it on the floor make them sit down on the floor and then take the click.

10. Take a Shot from the Top

newborn with sibling picture from top

Aerial shots can add a creative touch to the photo and allow you to adjust the surroundings a bit better. Taking a shot from the above will allow you a wider frame and get everything in the photo. You can lay the siblings on the floor on top of a sheet and place things around them. This can be flower petals, their favorite toys, or even different colored blankets to give it a sort of messy fun vibe.

Safety of the Kids is the Top Priority

Yes, as photographers our job is to go the extra mile to take the best photo we can. Whether it’s a professional model or some happy-go-lucky kids, it’s common to obsess over the perfect snap. But, rather than letting your creative ideas take over, make sure that every idea you have is discussed first with the parents.

Keep the parents informed before and during your shoots of the ideas you have in mind. Make sure they are okay with it and you have their consent. It’s common for parents to also get a bit carried away with having their kids photographed in a unique way. When it comes to this use common sense and only practice those ideas that get you the perfect click within safe boundaries.

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