BunnyPic Online Photoshop Editor!

Free Online Photoshop Editor!

BunnyPic is a free online photoshop editor, edit your photos, apply effects, filters, add text, crop, or resize pictures. Do Online Photoshop Editing in your Browser for free!

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Whether you’re up for traditional desktop-style picture editing or want something more contemporary, we’ve got you covered.

BunnyPic online photoshop editor will help you unleash your creativity in easy clicks to make significant picture changes more intuitively than before.

Remove backgrounds or generate a transparent picture for your design with ease. It’s all about making design smarter, quicker, and simpler for you with our next-level AI-photo editing capabilities. Design and do so much more using the World’s finest online editing tool.

The innovative and straightforward interface makes BunnyPic Photoshop online tool easy to comprehend and easy to work with. The newest version of the program includes helpful tools, including the Puppet Warp tool, Normal Map filter, and Oil Paint filter. The Puppet Warp functionality helps bend things.

One may accomplish the Puppet Warp feature by setting different anchor points and moving them to the appropriate places. The program supports PSD files and can also perform Puppet Warp transform operations. This implies that one could save it with a Smart Object and utilize it as a smart filter.

Work with raster and vector graphics, use it for basic activities, such as resizing pictures, and sophisticated ones, such as building websites, making drawings, processing photographs, and more. It is a place that allows people to modify images with ease.

Edit and apply unique touch-ups to boring photos and turn them into something more attractive. This all-in-one editing platform enables users to access the dashboard, where a collection of tools is put out nicely. Users may start working on a new project or continue using an existing picture file accessible on their PC.

How to Use BunnyPic Photoshop Online?

  1. Open File or Create New Project
  2. Choose from thousands of templates.
  3. Edit your photos
  4. Use the tools at the top and right sides of the editor.
  5. Save to PSD file or Export to your desired file format.

Free Photoshop Online Features:

BunnyPic is a free online photoshop editor that promises to transfer the burden of editing photos to the cloud. The platform is comparable to Pixlr or Photoshop, except it’s feature-rich and 100 percent online. You can utilize the free edition of the site, which includes advertising and 30 history steps.

  1. Transform: Basic image editing includes, cropping the image, resize the image, rotate the image.
  2. Text Tool: Easily add text and choose from hundreds of styles.
  3. Cloud Storage: Save your data in the cloud and start where you left next time.
  4. Import And Export: easily export files.
  5. Multilingual: Supports 50+ languages.
  6. Enhancement: Modify colors, eliminate flaws, improve poor lighting and fix red-eye, etc.
  7. Make Stunning Photos: Open and place feature to easily place image objects.
  8. Collaborate with your teammates: Invite your friends and collaborate.
  9. Apply Filters and Add Effects: Choose from available effects and filters and one-click apply,.
  10. Auto Selection: Auto select objects in the photo.
  11. Batch Editing: perform an action on multiple files.
  12. Thousands of Templates: Choose from thousands of templates to start.
  13. Social Media: Integrate with social media to increase reach.
  14. Remove Objects: Brush on the image to remove unwanted objects.
  15. Import project image files from the web: From URL and import images
  16. Revision Control: History to undo or redo tasks.

Critical aspects of BunnyPic:

  1. Advanced layering
  2. Filters
  3. File type compatibility

1. Advanced Layering:

photoshop adjustment layers

Levels are the backbone of image editing and enable you to utilize many layers to build pictures. Since you’re using layers, you may add, delete or modify one layer without affecting the image’s other layers.

The layer choices enable you to create new layers or layer copies.

You may also build layer folders that allow you to arrange your layers logically better. Duplicate or remove layers with ease, or fill a whole layer with:

  • Color
  • Pattern
  • Gradient

Complete layer modifications are possible as well. You may select to alter hundreds of layer settings, from the brightness and contrast to the layer levels and hue. With layers and tweaks, you’re able to utilize the power of layers to bring your pictures to life.

photoshop layer masks

Digging further into the layer functions and features, you’re able to create:

  • Raster masks
  • Vector masks
  • Smart objects

You may also combine layers to make logical sense of your design and modify all layers concurrently. There’s also the ability to flatten a picture or to deal with animated images.

The degree of refinement that layers provide enables experts to go beyond the fundamentals with their designs.

2. Filters:

Filters kickstart your photo editing with preset choices to quickly alter your pictures. If you’re acquainted with photoshop editing tools or applications, you’ll discover many of the excellent effects they provide are integrated into the BunnyPic package.

filters in online photoshop

BunnyPic offers a variety of filters that include:

  • 3D
  • Blur
  • Distortion
  • Noise
  • Pixelate
  • Render
  • Sharpen
  • Stylize

There’s also a filter gallery accessible. With the addition of filters, you may create or modify pictures with BunnyPic at a fast pace. Lens correct choices are available, and BunnyPic does offer several selection tools that you may employ to pick parts of your picture.

BunnyPic is a tool that works wonderfully as a low-budget editor that can compete with the likes of Photoshop — at a far lower price.

When you move through the filter choices, you’ll discover the last filter option that allows you to apply the previous filter applied to additional layers, groups, or selections. You can always go back through your history to reverse an activity with 30 to 60 actions retained in your record, depending on your account type.

3. File Type Compatibility:

You may generate pictures from the beginning with new projects or open up an existing image. If you want to produce photographs fast, free templates enable anybody to get started with image production.

Demos are provided that teach you how to use this program, and you can utilize many different file formats.

All of the most popular file kinds are supported, including but not limited to:

  • PSD
  • XD
  • sketch
  • PDF
  • XCF
  • RAW
file formats

BunnyPic can transfer your intense picture editing procedure from the desktop to the cloud. When you’re done editing a picture and want to proceed to the next step, you have several choices available:

Publish the image online through the platform, with choices to publish on Imgur or BunnyPic directly.

Save the picture as a PSD to view it on other photo editing programs or to be able to import that editable image back into BunnyPic in the future.

Export the file into one of several other file formats, including PNG, JPG, GIF, and many more.

You may also shoot and modify a photograph straight via the tool if you intend on sharing the shot on social media or your website. Multiple methods are available, including exporting layers directly via the web editor.

BunnyPic is a robust, online photo editor that enables anyone to leverage the editing power of a complete, powerful photoshop editor online. You may work together to produce creatives for your next marketing project or work alone to design your social media content or company icons, pictures, logos, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Free Online Photoshop work?

Bunnypic uses Photopea’s API, develop and maintained by Ivan.

Can I use it for free?

Yes, You can use bunnypic photoshop online for free.

Where can I get free photoshop?

Use free photoshop online at bunnypic.com.

Is it like Photoshop?

Yes, It is like photoshop (the best alternative!)

What is the best online photoshop alternative?

The best alternatives are Photopea, Pixlr, iPiccy, Pizap, and lunapic.

How to Download Photoshop free?

The download is not required, use free at bunnypic.com

BunnyPic.com uses API from Photopea.com, it is an alternative to photoshop and has No association with Adobe!