Bunnypic is an advanced photo editor, it can perform all photo editing tasks you can think of in photoshop.


Formally, FreePhotoTool, Bunnypic was rebranded on 12 June, 2021.

With the collaboration with Ivan from Prague, Czech Republic, We use API from Photopea to improve your experience.

BunnyPic is an online picture editor that promises to transfer the burden of editing photos to the cloud. The platform is comparable to Pixlr or Photoshop, except it’s feature-rich and 100 percent online. You can utilize the free edition of the site, which includes advertising and 30 history steps.

The innovative and straightforward interface makes BunnyPic easy to comprehend and easy to work with. The newest version of the program includes helpful tools, including the Puppet Warp tool, Normal Map filter, and Oil Paint filter. The Puppet Warp functionality helps bend things.

One may accomplish the Puppet Warp feature by setting different anchor points and moving them to the appropriate places. The program supports PSD files and can also perform Puppet Warp transform operations. This implies that one could save it with a Smart Object and utilize it as a smart filter.

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