Sunglasses for Big Noses (Ideas and Tips)

It’s that time of the year again where we all need a nice pair of shades to complement our Summer tan. Choosing a pair of sunglasses is complicated enough but finding the best sunglasses for big noses can get even more difficult.

You want to look your best and be authentic by expressing your true self. But, having a big nose might bring out a lot of insecurities which may make you think twice before going out.

Well it’s time to accept your nose as it is because in this guide we’ll look at some tips and ideas for finding sunglasses for big noses. By the end of this article you’ll be walking away with everything you need to buy yourself the perfect pair of shades.

Tips for Choosing Sunglasses for Big Noses

The past decade of fashion has all been about self-expression and embracing all those insecurities and empowering yourself to look your best self. No matter the size of your facial features there’s a pair of glasses for everyone. Here are some tips for choosing the right sunglasses for big noses and some suggestions to go along with them.

1. Go for a Wider Frame

Big sunglasses are for big noses. The wider your frame is the better as larger sunglasses tend to divert the attention from your nose to your glasses. Even the Vision Council of America recommends wider frame lens for big noses as they are much more suitable and complement the shape of the face.

The Challenger sunglasses are great if you’re planning on buying wider frame shades. These pair of glasses complement the face shape and look great on larger noses due to their big size and wide apart lenses.

Man wearing challenger sunglasses for big nose
A look at the challenger sunglasses on big noses

2. Choose Darker Colors

Since you’re trying to bring most of the attention to your frames you should go for darker solid colors. Having a dark colored frame such as dark brown or black makes your glasses stand out by contrasting with your face. If you want to go against the grain you can even try dark red or blue which give you a more fashionable look.

If possible you should go for both a larger frame and a darker color to really highlight your glasses and drive looks away from your nose. Our favorite glasses to achieve a nice look are the Borderline and Russell frames by EyeBuy Direct

Thick frame glasses for female with big nose
A glimpse of the borderline glasses on a female
Dark brown wide frame glasses for dark skinned male with big nose
Russell glasses with a dark brown frame

3. Try on Square or Cat Eye Frames

Rounded frames make your nose look bigger than it may be. Since the round shape exaggerates the size of the nose you should definitely try experimenting with square frames as they stand out on your face. If you have a rectangular face it will complement your face even better. Women could also explore options like the cat eye frames although this may look better on some more than others.

If you don’t know where to look you can try the Kray woods Oxford Sunglasses that look great for big noses. For a classical look you could go for Ray Ban’s Square 1971 non-polarized classic UNISEX shades.

man wearing oxford sunglasses ideal for big nose
The Oxford Sunglasses combine Ebony and Teak wood for a unique color combination and are ideal for any face shape with a big nose
rayban 1971 classic square frame shades for big nose
Ray-ban’s 1971 Classic Square Frame shades for big noses. Excellent size for both male and female

4. Add Some Extra Style and Flair to It

Adding some extra flair to your glasses could make it stand out more and help perceive your nose as smaller than it really is. Men can go for unique two-tone frames such as the Oxford glasses mentioned above. Women have a lot more options when it comes to adding style to their shades. They can modify their glasses with rhinestones, patterns and even opting for the cat eye frames is enough to get your frames in the limelight.

Rhinestone cat eye glasses for big noses
An example of cat eye sunglasses with Rhinestones

5. Opt for a Lower Bridge Set of Shades

Buying a lower-set bridge of glasses will raise the overall frame which will make your glasses look bigger. A lower bridge pair of sunglasses are better for big noses as they’ll give the illusion of a smaller nose and give balance to the overall face.

It’s recommended that you first try on the glasses which means it might not be the best option to order your sunglasses online. If you can, go to your local store and try on a pair of low-bridge sunglasses and see whether they’re comfortable.

Young Asian designer wearing glasses and smiling confidently while standing in a modern office with colleagues in the background
The low-bridge set of glasses are also sometimes called “Asian-fit” glasses

FAQs on Choosing Sunglasses for Big Noses

What Sunglasses to Wear if You Have a Big Nose?

The best kind of sunglasses to wear if you have a big nose are glasses with wider frames and a dark color as they will balance your facial features. You can also opt for square or cat eye frames if you want a more fashionable pair of sunglasses.

Do Sunglasses Make Your Nose Look Bigger?

If you’re already insecure of the size of your nose then wearing small size sunglasses or rounded frames will make your nose look bigger. This is because all the attention will be diverted from your glasses to your nose where the glasses rest. Also going for light colors can also make your nose look bigger as it may blend with the skin.

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